Since grade school field trips Murphy has always seemed to always have a camera in hand, and the ability to capture the moment in story telling images. Murphy has taken that talent with him through his college years onto such events as red carpet movie premieres, non-profit galas, and to his very own studio. Simply put, Murphy has become one of Charlotte’s premiere photographers.

While his studies were in business, Murphy explains that his faith and life-taught “people skills” are a major contributor to his success in life. Furthermore, he explains “that the vast array of talented photographers in Charlotte motivate me to always do more with the art.”

Murphy is the principle photographer for Murphy Photos and offers an array of photographic services for portraits, weddings, fashion events, non-profit, boudoir, sports, family photos, and social events.

Murphy is still hardly ever without a camera and he believes photography, like most art, has numerous interpretations. He encourages anyone with the interest “to simply pick up your faith, spread your wings, and embrace where He will take you.”

Let Murphy Photos compliment your next event with creative images, red carpet birthday celebrations, and customized step and repeat backdrop.

If you can imagine it, Murphy Photos will capture it.